Why Companies Need to Prioritize Employee Wellbeing

Pandemic or no pandemic, employee wellbeing is at the heart of everything that's important to your business - your culture, customer satisfaction, your companies reputation, retention etc. It's connected to all of it. And there has never been more evidence and research that proves that this is the case.


Workplaces Can Unleash Human Potential 

Workplaces literally have the ability to unleash human potential. Work takes up the majority of our time and it gives us our sense of identity. We also form friendships and mentorships through our place of work. And it's often our work that gives us a sense of purpose, as well as the ability to learn and grow.


The Role of a CEO in a Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Nothing is more important to your wellbeing strategy then getting the CEO to be the biggest advocate. And one of the best ways for the CEO to show support is by setting an example of wellbeing by prioritizing his or her own mental and physical health, and work-life balance. this creates permission for the employees to follow suit.


Global Trends & Business Case for Workplace Wellbeing

Note: This was filmed in 2016. Well before the pandemic, global trends were in favor of workplaces that prioritized wellbeing. And today, the business case for this work has never been more clear. 


Why CEOs are truly the most Powerful People in the World

As the head of a workplace, a CEO quite literally has people's lives in his or her hands. We spend the majority of our time at work, and the workplace is an incubator for change. When wellbeing infiltrates a corporate culture (by way of the CEO) people's lives can improve substantially.


CEOs Who Meditate & Why You Should Too

Meditation makes its way into the culture of an organization when leaders take it upon themselves to make it a practice. And that's because meditation increases focus, drive, productivity and even overall health. But perhaps most importantly, meditation makes us all more present - and more conscious as human beings. And there's no better quality in a CEO than that.


What's the Difference between Wellness & Wellbeing?

One of the first things you need to do in order to execute a comprehensive wellbeing strategy is to clarify the language and get the entire organization on the same page about how to define wellbeing. They need to understand how it differs from wellness, or mental health or happiness.


What are the Five Elements of Wellbeing?

According to the largest, global study on wellbeing, there are five essential elements of wellbeing - career, social, financial, physical and community wellbeing. They sound like common sense, but understanding the specifics of each category is what makes them powerful.


Higher Wellbeing Higher Performance

Improving employee wellbeing has a positive impact on almost all performance metrics. And the more areas of life that employees are thriving in, the greater the financial reward for the organization.


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