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I’m Danielle, a Workplace Wellbeing Advisor. I help organizations create culturally integrated, long-term wellbeing strategies.

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Danielle Posa, Founder


As a cancer survivor, wellbeing is something I'm deeply passionate about. And I believe one of the best places for wellbeing practices to have an impact is in the workplace. I started my career at Gallup as a management consultant 13 years ago and have been consulting on employee engagement and wellbeing ever since. Most recently I led the B2B strategy for Deepak Chopra's company Chopra Global, and am currently the Vice-Char of the Global Wellness Institute's Workplace Wellbeing Initiative.


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What We Do





Our team works with senior-level execs and wellbeing champions to design customized top-down wellbeing strategies for organizations of all sizes. 




We have an extensive network of workplace wellbeing providers and experts. And we help clients by identifying the right partner at the right time depending on where they are in the "workplace wellbeing journey." 





We lead wellbeing & engagement training sessions for leaders and mid-level managers on wellbeing and engagement. And we teach "virtual classes" on a variety of wellbeing topics for employees.

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"Danielle has a unique way of marrying facts and our day-to-day experiences to present the case for well-being in a way most can relate to.  This coupled with her life experience and authentic passion for leading individuals and organizations along the path to well-being make her an inspiring facilitator and coach on this subject.  After using her framework I was not only inspired to take action, I was able to leverage the tools to gain endorsement to launch a comprehensive well-being program within our organization.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback and engagement across all levels in the organization so far."


VP, Mastercard

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"Danielle’s work and passion about people’s wellbeing is inspiring and energizing. There are few people effectively influencing leaders to improve the quality of their organizations by improving the quality of life of their members and Danielle has quickly become an expert in this field. She is one of the biggest assets of the Corporate Wellness engine today."

Jovanka Ciares

"Danielle is highly trained, experienced and masterful in her ability to create a monumental shift in leaders’ perspectives on the importance of improving overall “quality of life” in our culture. Through her unique wellbeing framework for organizations, she’s able to create clarity around all the factors that influence our health & vitality and she provides a clear pathway on how and where to start. I am deeply honored to have her in my life."

Martin Cohen

"Danielle has a vitality, spirit and energy that truly embodies every aspect of human wellbeing. Her experience with childhood cancer has clearly given her a gift to be shared with all who desire to live their best life, and to learn how to not only thrive but to create the environments that enable others to do so as well. She is intelligent, engaging, and passionate as she shares her valuable knowledge of the positive impacts of cultivating wellbeing in an organization."

Jodi Waterman