Danielle Posa

Wellbeing Expert, Advisor and Activist

Speaks about workplace wellbeing, corporate culture strategy, mental health & burnout, the science of happiness, & power of purpose

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Danielle's Bio


Danielle is the founder of Workplace Wellbeing Advisors, The Wellbeing Hacker and is the Vice-Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Workplace Wellbeing Initiative. With 14+ years as a management consultant, Danielle has worked with organizations across a variety of industries, all over the world. She partners with executive teams to develop and implement long-term, culturally integrated wellbeing strategies. Danielle believes workplaces are vehicles for transforming people’s lives and she is on a mission to make wellbeing the primary measurement of success in society.

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There's almost nothing I enjoy doing more

 than inspiring and interacting with an audience.

Previous Public Speaking Engagements

  • Workplace Wellbeing & the Soul of Leadership Event with Deepak Chopra (co-facilitator)
  • U.S. Travel Association's ESTO Conference (main stage speaker)
  • Deepak Chopra's Sages & Scientists Conference (main stage speaker)
  • Make-A-Wish Wine & Wishes Fundraiser (keynote speaker)
  • Children's Cancer Research Foundation (keynote speaker)
  • Transform Conference (panel)
  • Peer150 National Event (panel)
  • CMP Advance (panel)
  • Deepak Chopra's Executive MBA Soul of Leadership Course (guest lecturer)
  • Deepak Chopra's MBA Course - Social Entrepreneurship and Cause-Driven Marketing (guest lecturer)

Webinars, Interviews & Podcasts

  • SECURE Podcast (FinFit)
  • The Chopra Well (Youtube interview)
  • Authentica Webinar
  • Brands USA Podcast
  • Conscious Enterprises Podcast
  • Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast
  • Move Your Mind (video interview + podcast)
  • Changing Lives, Selling Knives Podcast
  • HR Daily Advisor Webinar (on quiet quitting and psychological safety)
  • Brightplan Webinar (on financial wellbeing)
  • The Leadership Student Podcast
  • Informa Connect


  • Workplace wellbeing strategy
  • Employee engagement
  • What is wellbeing? Happiness?
  • Psychological safety
  • Quiet quitting
  • Burnout
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Employee mental health
  • A purpose-driven career
  • Personal cancer story
  • Overcoming obstacles


I was traveling in India alone several years ago before having children, and I had an insight while doing some journaling that I'll never forget. I asked myself what I could contribute to the world, that no one else could. And the answer to that question was my message. I realized that I didn't want to end up at the end of my life, dying with my messages still inside me. See, my mission is to see a world where the science of wellbeing is embedded into the fabric of society. Where wellbeing is taught in our education, our workplaces, our communities, and our governments. Where we care more about our wellbeing score than our credit score and wellbeing is synonymous with success. So this is why I public speak... because I am wildly passionate about this message. And I believe it's a message that can transform the world.

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"Danielle has a unique way of marrying facts and our day-to-day experiences to present the case for well-being in a way most can relate to.  This coupled with her life experience and authentic passion for leading individuals and organizations along the path to well-being make her an inspiring facilitator and coach on this subject."

Ellenit Serrano, VP @ Mastercard

"Danielle is highly trained, experienced and masterful in her ability to create a monumental shift in leaders’ perspectives on the importance of improving overall “quality of life” in our culture. Through her unique wellbeing framework for organizations, she’s able to create clarity around all the factors that influence our health & vitality and she provides a clear pathway on how and where to start."

Martin Cohen, Author & Relationship Expert




In 2016, Danielle co-created a one-day workshop with Deepak Chopra called Workplace Wellbeing & the Soul of Leadership to help business leaders understand the intimate connection between conscious leadership and employee wellbeing.

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Danielle has delivered talks to various audiences in the form of keynotes, workshops and on panels. The types of audiences have ranged from CEOs, to HR professionals, managers, or employees/individuals. All topics tie back to wellbeing - personally or organizationally. 

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