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For Senior Level Audiences


  • The Undeniable Business Case for Wellbeing: Finding reasons to focus on employee wellbeing is easy, but are those reasons enough to make you want to take action as an organization right away? The research presented in this session will make it crystal clear why a wellbeing strategy is absolutely crucial.
  • Shifting from a Work-Life to Life-Work Balance Approach: The key to reducing burnout, is enabling employees to have balance in their lives. But balance isn't attainable if we don't appreciate ALL aspects of life. Work plays a very important role in our lives, but in order to do our best in and at work, the other areas of life must be respected. Leaders need to adopt a new mindset - where work doesn't take the priority above all else.

  • How to Build a Culture of Wellbeing: Stop trying to create a wellness program, and instead build a culture of wellbeing - a long-term strategy that will retain your employees for the long haul. To do so, your leaders must understand the cultural influencers of wellbeing - the aspects of the work environment that are contributing to (or eroding) employee wellbeing. 

  • Wellbeing, the New Performance Metric: Happy, thriving, engaged employees are the key to sustainable business growth. And therefore, it's crucial that your organization understands what wellbeing means and how to measure it. Thriving employees leads to optimal performance.
  • Well-BEING by Example: Executives play a crucial role in setting a positive example for their employees. A wellbeing strategy cannot fully succeed unless leaders are on board, and are "walking the walk" by taking care of themselves as a way to show employees that they have permission to do the same.

For Employees at Any Level 


  • Wellbeing 101: Wellbeing? Wellness? Happiness? Mindfulness? What's the difference? Many people are confused as to what all these terms mean or what makes them different. In this session, I use a unique framework, backed by fascinating global research, that will provide people with clarity on exactly what wellbeing is and how to elevate it. In addition, I provide specific actions and steps they can take to improve their wellbeing in the core areas of life. 
  • You Don't Need to Be Happy: One of the reasons why we are experiencing a mental health crisis is due to the fact that employees put so much pressure on themselves to put on a happy face, "be positive", and give the impression that they have it all together. But what people fail to realize is that "happiness" actually SHOULDN'T be the end goal. In this session, I address the difference between really thriving vs. just being happy. And we talk about ways employees can give more space for their humanity and all the emotions that are associated with an authentically thriving life.
  • Shifting from a Work-Life to Life-Work Balance Mentality: The Life-Work Balance mentality is something that both employees and execs need to embrace. But for the employee, it's crucial for him/her to first own the fact that their LIFE and all aspects of it, are important. That they do not need to make work the priority above all else. In this session we address the unique role work SHOULD play in your life, and how to put boundaries around it in order to make space for other things - because REAL balance gives us the energy, focus and drive needed to do our best work anyway! It all starts with giving yourself permission.

  • Unleashing Your Potential with a Purpose-Driven Path (My cancer story): This is a motivational session about the fragility of life, the power of the human spirit, and the importance of living in alignment with one's purpose. As a non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor, I've often contemplated the purpose of my life and I've been obsessed with all things that will make my life worthwhile. In this session, I'll talk about my personal journey and obsession with doing work that truly lights me up and how that commitment led to my work with Deepak Chopra and beyond.


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